StatsRadio Continues to Improve Radio Audience Measurement by Including Web Panel Surveys

Audience measurement May 20, 2021

StatsRadio improves audience representation and measurement participation by including web panel data in its unique methodology

QUÉBEC, May 20, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - StatsRadio is proud to announce plans to include web panel data in its unique and innovative audience measurement methodology.

In 2016, StatsRadio's hybrid audience-research method revolutionized radio audience measurement by using the results of landline and mobile telephone surveys to determine proportions of over-the-air and online radio listeners. The resulting ratios, applied to streaming data, provide broadcasters and their stakeholders (advertisers, agencies and funders) cost-effective, cross-platform audience measurement 24/7, 365 days per year.

"In the fast-paced media industry, the imperative to keep innovating is a key value at the heart of StatsRadio. Every day, our passionate, creative team works alongside bold broadcasters, advertisers, rep houses and partners to sustain and grow the power and relevance of radio in local communities," said StatsRadio CEO Louis-Phillipe Sutton.

StatsRadio engaged Canadian data science and economics firm Statlog to estimate the confidence interval of the ratios used in its extrapolation process. Working together over six months, the two organizations identified one area ripe for improvement: inclusion of web panel research.

Statlog's audit revealed that when telephone surveys are combined with web panel survey results, they establish reliable, representative ratios (proportions) between online and over-the-air audiences. Statlog Senior Analyst Nicolas Corneau-Tremblay said, "Given the increased adoption rate of streamed technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the decrease in survey respondents recruited through traditional means, we believe a mixed approach is more durable long term."

StatsRadio will permanently introduce a web panel in samples, where possible, within the next 6 months.

"Radio remains the biggest producer of local quality content. Our mission at StatsRadio is to provide the radio industry with measurement tools that eliminate any gap between traditional radio and digital platforms. With access to pertinent, quality, and representative audience information, we are confident that advertisers will keep investing in their local economy," said Sutton.

For further information: To arrange an interview, please contact: Louis-Philippe Sutton, President & CEO, StatsRadio,, (613) 800-7668


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