Collaboration between Alliance des radios communautaires and StatsRadio through government of Canada

Audience measurement May 7, 2019

OTTAWA, May 7, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ - The Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada (ARC) and StatsRadio are proud to announce their collaboration to provide the organization's member radio stations with access to StatsRadio's sales and performance analysis tools.

The 2-year agreement will be gradually implemented throughout Canada, starting with Ontario and New Brunswick. This project was made possible thanks to funding from the government of Canada.

More than one million Canadians whose mother tongue is French live outside Quebec in a minority situation. French-language radio stations are important keystones of these communities. With this agreement, the Alliance will empower its members with the capability to enhance their understanding of their audience and also demonstrate their relevance to advertisers to secure better positioning in increasingly competitive advertising markets. The radio stations represented by ARC are a great window to reach out to audiences in a meaningful way for those wishing to market products or services, communicate announcements or for brand building.

According to François Côte, ARC Executive Director, this agreement aligns with the organization's mission: "This collaboration will help us fulfill our mission of contributing to the vitality of French-speaking Canadians through the creation, maintenance and development of a set of high-quality community radio stations by enabling our member stations to better understand their audience and improve on-air content."

Simon Forgues, ARC Director of Communications, affirms that StatsRadio's tools are adapted by design to the context of the organization's members: "We are delighted to work with StatsRadio as they have developed a technology that can help stations in large markets as well as community radio stations in minority French-speaking communities such as those that we represent."

"I am very excited to take part in the ARC's initiative. From the start, we have had a great rapport with François and Simon. We saw that they have the success of their members at heart. We also felt the passion that drives the members. The radio industry across the country is transforming and we are proud to contribute to its evolution," added Louis-Philippe Sutton, StatsRadio's CEO.

With ARC's members joining the fray, StatsRadio now has over 80 broadcasters who trust its offer. This demonstrates the relevance of its solutions and the willingness of the radio industry, at the national level, to adapt to disruptive digital innovations. It is also a clear sign that radio is constantly evolving and thriving as a key medium in the digital age. This partnership shows that ARC and StatsRadio believe in the future of radio.

About the Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada

Active at the national level since 1991, the Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada (ARC) is a direct result of the French-language and Acadian community radio stations' desire to take charge of their development and ensure their autonomy. ARC is the coordinating body for French-language community radio stations in regions where French speakers are in minority situations. ARC offers consultancy, training and communication, liaison and technical services to its members in all matters relating to the implementation and management of a community radio station.

About StatsRadio

StatsRadio has created an ecosystem combining new technologies and proven survey techniques to empower radio stations with the capability to keep track of their performance and that of on-air advertising campaigns, at all times.


SOURCE StatsRadio

For further information: Simon Forgues, Development and Communications Officer, ARC du Canada, 1, rue Nicholas, suite 1206, Ottawa (Ontario), K1N 7B7, Telephone: 613-562-0000, Ext.305, Fax: 613-562-2182, Email:


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