8% streaming of the audience is not accurate

Apr 12, 2023

Today, streaming radio is becoming increasingly popular. However, a common misconception has been circulating for a while that only 8% of the population listens to streaming radio. However, this statement does not consider several factors that influence the listening habits of streaming radio.

In fact, according to severe studies conducted by StatsRadio, it is crucial to take into account the age of the listeners as well as the time of listening to obtain accurate and reliable results. The younger the generation of listeners, the more likely they are to listen to streaming radio.

It is important to note that streaming listening patterns are not the same as traditional listening patterns. Listening habits vary depending on the time of day and activities in progress. For example, listeners are more likely to listen to streaming radio during work hours, while when they are driving around, they are more likely to opt for traditional listening.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider these differences when analyzing listening data. Indeed, the ratios and numbers obtained for streaming listening are not constant.

In recent years, StatsRadio has accumulated a lot of experience, since 2017, in analyzing radio listening data. In our opinion, it is not enough to get accurate and reliable results to rely on one ratio, but rather extrapolate to 168 different ratios. For example, if your audience is predominantly over 35 years old, it can make a big difference in your station's performance. The difference is big enough to take you from the best-performing station to the worst-performing in the market.

All in all, streaming radio is constantly evolving, and it's essential to consider several factors to get accurate and reliable results. Listener age and time of day are crucial elements that can make a big difference in the performance of your station. It is, therefore, essential to call on experts such as StatsRadio to obtain accurate and reliable data to optimize your sales strategy.

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